Friday, June 24, 2011

Carbon Footprint Discussion

Click on the photo to enlarge and project onto screen.

Listed below are several questions that you could put on a handout (pick the ones you like). Have students look at the diagram as homework (or at the start of class as a bell-ringer). Then use the questions to guide a classroom discussion, randomly calling on students for their responses. It is an effective way to get students to think about how their lifestyles are related to carbon dioxide emissions. The diagram (called a "Mind Map") was provided by

Take a careful and thoughtful look at the diagram. On your handout (or on your own sheet of paper) complete the following tasks. You will hand your paper in and you will be expected to discuss the diagram in class.

1. New Title: If it were up to you, what title would you give to the diagram?

2. Questions:Write out three good questions that you have about parts of the diagram. The answers to your questions should not be found on the diagram, and the answers cannot be a simple fact.

3. Reaction: What is your reaction to specific things shown on the diagram, or what do you think would be the reaction of others to specific things on the diagram? List three reactions to specific things on the diagram.

4. Conservation: Education, laws, innovations, and incentives are some of the ways that we can get people to do the things on the diagram. List one of the things on the diagram that would go in the "innovations" category.

5. Laws (or taxes) can also cause conservation. Pick an item on the diagram and write a law that would make people adopt this practice.

6. Pick an item on the diagram and write a government (city, county, state, federal) incentive that would make people want to do it.

7. Pick an item that education might help to promote.

8. What is it about the diagram most surprised you?

9. Generally speaking, what are some reasons people don't do more of the things on the diagram? Be prepared to discuss these in class!

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