Friday, July 15, 2011

Radiometric Dating: A Christian Perspective

Here is an interesting article, written by a Christian who also happens to be a scientist that works with radiometric dating. CLICK HERE to read the article. As you probably know, some students from Christian families are confused when it comes to topics related to geology and astronomy because of the way their church or family interprets the book of Genesis. This article may help some Christians to be more open-minded . . . and help some teachers realize that not all Christians are against radiometric dating.

Also, here are a couple books that address the age of the Earth issue: "A New Look at an Old Earth" by Don Stoner, and "A Matter of Days" by Hugh Ross. Both men are Christians, and both make a strong case for an Earth that is as old as science texts suggest. Stoner's book is a fairly easy read, whereas Ross' book requires that readers have a somewhat stronger background in science. Ross also has a web site called "Reasons to Believe" at CLICK HERE to see the page that I provide for my students and their parents . . . in case they are interested.

To view a convenient list of all the resources that have been posted on this "Earth Science Guy" blog site, CLICK HERE.

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