Friday, December 23, 2011

NOVA Shows Students How Science Works

It looks like NOVA will be featuring some really interesting Earth Science topics over the next couple months. CLICK HERE to see the schedule. Scroll down and select "More Upcoming Posts" to see programing through February 1st. NOVA comes on Wednesday evenings on PBS (check your local listings). Although I watch NOVA for my own education and enjoyment, I do show some episodes to my students throughout the year. Typically I make up a worksheet with 10 questions for them to answer as they watch. The programs are especially effective at showing students how real scientists do research. Here are the titles of upcoming shows related to Earth Science.

December 28: Extreme Ice and Secrets Beneath the Ice (both re-runs)

January 4: Deadliest Volcanoes (new)

February 1: Ice Age Death Trap (new)

Here are some downloadable worksheets from some of the NOVA programs that I use in class.

Magnetic Storm

Mystery of the Megavolcano (Toba)

The Last Extinction


  1. Teaching science to my son is the most difficult task that I have to do these days. I really wanted to make his lessons interesting. I will take a lot of guidance from this blog to give him better understanding of the subject.

  2. It is a great program to showcase the work of the scientist but to be honest, I too watch NOVA for entertainment purposes rather than educational purpose.

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