Friday, May 18, 2012

Scale of the Universe 2

CLICK HERE to access one of the most interesting things that I've seen on the internet EVER. It's an interactive graphic that let's you (or students) compare the sizes of things ranging from sub-atomic particles to the known universe. The graphics are great and it is incredibly interesting . . . and educational!. Use the scroll bar to zoom in or out, or click on the object to learn about it. I guarantee you will want to share it with your students. It was created by ninth-grader, Cary Huang, with technical support his twin brother, Michael( CLICK HERE to read a short news story (ABC).

Also (unrelated to the "Scale of the Universe 2") there will be an annular eclipse on Sunday. CLICK HERE to see a good short video produced by NASA. The best viewing will be in the southwest, but much of the west will see a "partial". is another good source. Select "animated eclipse map" to find out what the eclipse will look like from your state.

To view a convenient list of all the resources that have been posted on this "Earth Science Guy" blog site, CLICK HERE.

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