Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Montana Outdoors (magazine) articles with questions

I've been working with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to write evaluations (worksheets) that go along with articles from their Montana Outdoors Magazine. Below is a list of articles and assignments that I have completed. Each worksheet includes teacher notes, possible bell-ringers, and an answer key. The assignments are best-suited for high school biology students or students taking environmental science.
-Rod Benson

1. PDF Article about delisting grizzly bears: Ready for the Handoff

Worksheet with questions - Ready for the Handoff worksheet

Ready for the Handoff Kahoot Game

2. PDF Article about amphibians: It’s Not Easy Being Green

It's Not Easy Being Green Worksheet

3. PDF Article about raptor identification: 16 Raptors That Every Montanan Should (Kinda) Know

Raptors Worksheet

4. PDF Article about Aquatic Invasive Species

Aquatic Invasive Species Worksheet

5. PDF Article about managing wildlife - Micro and Macro

The worksheet for this article can be found on this web page.

6. PDF Articleabout the mental health benefits of spending time outdoors: A Healthy Dose of Nature

A Healthy Dose of Nature Worksheet

7. PDF Article about animal migration - Moving Right Along

Moving Right Along Worksheet

8. PDF Article about monitoring wildlife numbers: Tracking Wildlife’s Ups and Downs

The worksheet for this article can be found on this web page.

9. PDF Article about Chief Plenty Coups - Warrior to Warrior

Warrior to Warrior Worksheet

10. PDF Article about beavers - Leave it to Beavers

Leave it to Beavers Worksheet

For a complete list, including several that were designed before I came on board (multiple-choice format), go to the Montana Outdoors Literacy Program

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