Friday, January 27, 2012

Radiometric Dating Resources

Since I teach in Montana, I use "bison kill sites" as a context for introducing students to radiometric dating. I have developed an assignment that has students use certain web sites to figure out answers. CLICK HERE to print a copy. First, I explain some of the background as we work through Part A of the worksheet together. Next, I help them get started on the graph (Part B). CLICK HERE to see what the graph should look like when they are finished. Finally, students finish Parts B and C on their own as homework.

As they are working at home, the worksheet instructs them to go to where they find links to sites such as Virtual Dating and others needed to finish the worksheet. I haven't provided a key because I want you to work through it before having your students do it. Even if it's not something you're interested in, take a look at the "Virtual Dating" site. . . No, it's not that kind of dating!

Photo courtesy of Montana Historical Society: The diorama, which depicts the First Peoples Buffalo Jump west of Great Falls, is on display in the society's museum in Helena, Montana.

Reminder: Watch NOVA on Wednesday, February 1 on PBS. The title this week is Ice Age Death Trap.

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