Friday, December 14, 2012

Storm Surges - Animations and Much More!

The National Hurricane Center has a nice web page that explains storm surges. The site includes explanations, diagrams, and an impressive animation. CLICK HERE to go to the site or HERE to go directly to the animation. The site also includes hour-by-hour graphics that illustrate famous storm surges of the past. The link is titled, "Noteable Surge Events". I especially liked Camille (1969 - Category 5) animation. CLICK HERE to view it. Advance it one frame at a time. As you do, notice where the worst surge area is in relationship to the eye of the storm.

Another great source is the animation provided by The New York Times, which explains and shows the sequence of events that caused New Orleans to flood in 2005. It is very impressive! CLICK HERE to see it. The animation created by graphic artist Dan Swenson and researched by Bob Marshall.


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